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From Clay Leeds <>
Subject Re: Forrest Site update
Date Tue, 10 Aug 2004 15:54:26 GMT
On Aug 10, 2004, at 8:21 AM, Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:
> Clay Leeds wrote:
>> I just noticed the update at and it looks  
>> like something is missing. The NAV column (on the left) as well as  
>> the tabs themselves have ~1px margin (which isn't very much), but no  
>> rounded corners or anything. It's almost like the CSS file isn't  
>> found (although forrest.css was loaded).
>> None of the <li> elements in the NAV appear to have bullets (was this  
>> a design change?), and the font for the following elements are 2 or  
>> three font-sizes too big.
>> - 'Published: Tue Aug 10 2004 03:15:16'
>> - [Search] the Apache Forrest site
>> - breadcrumb
> This is wierd, I'm looking at it now with Firefox 9.3 and IE 6.1 and I  
> don't see any of the above issues. What I do see as a problem are the  
> missing buttons on the right for font size change.

It could be a browser thing... I'm using Mac OS X 10.3.4 Safari 1.2.2  
(v125.8). I'll check it on Firefox & MacIE...

Weird... It looks fine now... on Safari too! (the breadcrumb is at the  
top again--it had moved to below the tabs/above the content area/to the  
right of the NAV on the left--hope that describes where it moved! 8-))

>> The Project logo (actually I think it's the Group Logo) is *huge*!  
>> 432x40 doesn't leave much room for other content (like the  
>> [Project]-logo.jpg and the Search box).
> It has not changed from before :-)

Yeah... I never liked it, but never took the time to mention it.

> In any case, we can make it smaller in a number of ways.
> Which would you prefer?
> forrest

Of all these, these are the most compressed: 

>> It is also a slightly darker color than the background for the rest  
>> of the site, so it sticks out...
> This is an issue with IE, so I guess you are using IE, but not 6.x...
> It treats PNGs wrong on the gamma values. AFAIK to solve teh issue we  
> should switch to JPEG or do hand-made GIF.

Nope... It looks off in Safari. Now that I look in Firefox, the colors  

>> IMO, we should either keep it (and drop the project logo) or make it  
>> smaller.
>> Being of the mindset that a well-designed web site should not wrap at  
>> 800x600, doesn't meet that criterion.
> BTW, this skin has smaller fonts and a shortened navigation to prevent  
> wrapping where possible. The big header, as you correctly point out,  
> invalidates this.


>> In addition, the Search Box has the word 'Forrest' dangling around to  
>> its right.
> I don't see it...

Turning off JavaScript helps a little (although I don't have Javascript  
turned off in Safari). I've got that nifty Web Developer  
widget/extension for Firefox/Mozilla[1] which allows me to  
quickly/temporarily turn CSS & Javascript off.

>> It doesn't appear to be serving a purpose (other than to increase the  
>> width of the page). The Search Box already has "the Apache Forrest  
>> Site' in it.
> Hmmm... I don't see this... in any case the skin used was the  
> krysalis-site skin, with Forrest colors. Check and  
> see if there you have the same issues.

I don't see it any more... Krysalis doesn't have the problem (now)  
either. BTW, I like the krysalis site! And the font-size widgets are  
nifty as well! I also like how the About section in NAV is expanded by  
default. (IIRC, pelt-dev has all sections in NAV condensed) Very nice!

>> I hope this doesn't sound too harsh... I really like forrest! :-)
> Thanks for the feedback! :-)

Any time! Careful, though... I'm known to nit-pick[2] when given the  


Web Maestro Clay



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