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From Clay Leeds <>
Subject Forrest Site update
Date Tue, 10 Aug 2004 14:26:38 GMT
I just noticed the update at and it looks 
like something is missing. The NAV column (on the left) as well as the 
tabs themselves have ~1px margin (which isn't very much), but no 
rounded corners or anything. It's almost like the CSS file isn't found 
(although forrest.css was loaded).

None of the <li> elements in the NAV appear to have bullets (was this a 
design change?), and the font for the following elements are 2 or three 
font-sizes too big.

- 'Published: Tue Aug 10 2004 03:15:16'
- [Search] the Apache Forrest site
- breadcrumb

The Project logo (actually I think it's the Group Logo) is *huge*! 
432x40 doesn't leave much room for other content (like the 
[Project]-logo.jpg and the Search box). It is also a slightly darker 
color than the background for the rest of the site, so it sticks out... 
IMO, we should either keep it (and drop the project logo) or make it 

Being of the mindset that a well-designed web site should not wrap at 
800x600, doesn't meet that criterion. In 
addition, the Search Box has the word 'Forrest' dangling around to its 
right. It doesn't appear to be serving a purpose (other than to 
increase the width of the page). The Search Box already has "the Apache 
Forrest Site' in it.

I hope this doesn't sound too harsh... I really like forrest! :-)

Web Maestro Clay

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