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From Dave Brondsema <>
Subject Re: move doc-v20 out of subdir
Date Thu, 19 Aug 2004 02:33:49 GMT
David Crossley wrote:
> Dave Brondsema wrote:
>> fails because the v20 DTDs
>>are in a subdirectory.
> That must be a broken systemIdentifier. I have scoured our
> Forrest SVN repository and i cannot find the xml instance
> that references it.
> Why is an application trying to go to the website?
> Is there something broken with the Catalog Entity Resolver?

There aren't any existing that use that systemIdentifier.  I was 
expirementing with some stuff and (out of laziness) I typed in that url 
to see the DTD.

>>Is there any reason to keep them there?
> The v20 DTDs have had their own directory since their
> inception. I started to clean up that resources/schema/dtd/
> directory to put all DTDs into their own version subdirectories
> v12/ v13/ etc. Then i found that it was getting too complex.
> The versions are not neatly divided. For example howto-v10.dtd
> is just the first version of the Howto DTD, and is not related
> to v10 of the other DTDs. So i reverted.
> Does anyone see any problem with just having all DTDs in the
> one directory, i.e. no sub-directories. If not then i will move
> the v20 DTDs up with the rest.

>>Is v13 going to still be the "recommended" version or is v20
>>ready for common use?
> It seems to be ready. I have started to convert some of our
> xdocs to use it (link|jump|fork => a). Using version 2.0 as
> the "intermediate format" for all of our pipelines is the
> next step. Some of our XSLs will need to change to use <a>
> instead.

How much work is would this be?  Can we validate at the intermediate 
stage to make sure all our XSLs are right?  Do we want to do this before 
0.6?  I don't think so... but the DTDs should be moved to their final 
resting place before next release.

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