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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: [RT] Right side navigation
Date Sun, 01 Aug 2004 23:30:24 GMT
Clay Leeds wrote:

> On Aug 1, 2004, at 9:59 AM, Ross Gardler wrote:
>> Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:
>>> If you look at Stefano's original Forrest skin design []1, you will  
>>> see a right hand side part. Other site like this one [2] use both 
>>> the  navigation on the left and the part on the right.
>>> Looking at these sites I see that this kind of navigation include:
>>>  - news
>>>  - participation info
>>>  - search
>>>  - publicity
>>>  - credits
>>>  - related links
>>>  - ...
>>> In practice, anything.
>>> Generalizing it, we could see the left and right parts of the page 
>>> as  "information nugget" containers, where "nuggets" are in fact 
>>> normal  web pages, only with less content.
>> Is anyone else working on this?
>> I ask because I have a need to create a version of my site with no  
>> navigation, no logo's no search boxes, nothing. I started out by  
>> creating a custom skin, but then thought I should merge this RT with  
>> my requirements.
> Isn't that essentially what happens in the 'document2pdf' (don't recall  
> the exact name) stream? For the PDFs that are generated, all navigation  
> (and 'page' headers) are removed. Could that be leveraged to give you  
> the results you're looking for?

Yes, but I need HTML without the navigation. I am generating Content 
Packages for inclusion into Virtual Learning Environments, these 
environments provide their own navigation etc. You may ask why I need 
Forrest at all - well I generate many different formats of the site and 
that is the strength of Forrest.

My solution of extending the skinconf.xml to move or hide navigation 
works well, but it would be good to see it extended even further as per 
Nicola Kens RT.


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