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From Dave Brondsema <>
Subject Re: xml-fop Build Failed
Date Sun, 01 Aug 2004 20:33:39 GMT
Clay Leeds wrote:
> On Jul 30, 2004, at 11:03 AM, Dave Brondsema wrote:
>> Clay Leeds wrote:
>>> On Jul 30, 2004, at 8:50 AM, Dave Brondsema wrote:
>>> Thanks, Dave. That's as I guessed. Now all I have to do, is figure  
>>> out how to achieve a /forrest/ BUILD SUCCESSFUL and everything will  
>>> be great (sort of like dehydrated water... just add water! :-)). 
>>> I've  tried reverting to the original sitemap.xmap, but I still 
>>> receive  errors for the *.fo & *.svg files scattered around... Since 
>>> those  files don't seem to be changing, should I just place 'raw' 
>>> file1.svg  & file1.pdf files in the RAW-dir (i.e., manually convert 
>>> the *.svg &  *.fo files into *.pdf)?
>> I just simplified the fo & pdf pipelines and allowed .fo as a source  
>> format.  Change all the .fo.pdf links to just .pdf and you should be  
>> all set.  For .svg files, your idea of manually converting them and  
>> then storing them in the raw dir sounds good.  This way you won't 
>> have  to maintain a custom sitemap which undoubtably will cause more  
>> headaches in the future.
>> I just ran forrest against xml-fop from CVS with a few of my own  
>> modifications and the only errors I'm getting is on svgs and embed.pdf
> After ensuring the *.fo & *.svg files were moved in the RAW-DIR  
> src/documentation/resources[fo/|dev/fo/|dev/svg/], I updated my svn  
> (actually it was a new checkout), copied sitemap.xmap from  
> /forrest/src/core/context/sitemap.xmap, and applied the FOP ADDITIONS  
> (below). I still get BUILD FAILED errors. I've pasted my output below.
> Web Maestro Clay
> (snippet of xml-fop/../sitemap.xmap)

With my recent change to the fo & pdf pipelines in Forrest, you can keep 
the .fo files (except for the one that embeds something) in the 'xdocs' 
directory.  Forrest can serve the .fo files directly from there and will 
also render .pdf files from corresponding .fo files.

And since you are putting the svg files (and their rendered 
counterparts, right?) in the raw dir, then there is no need for your own 

However if you do provide your own sitemap, you need to follow my 
comment in to 
remove a pipeline to prevent this error.

> Cannot find
> Logging Error: Unknown error writing event.
> java.lang.OutOfMemoryError
> Logging Error: Unknown error writing event.
> java.lang.OutOfMemoryError
> Logging Error: Unknown error writing event.
> java.lang.OutOfMemoryError
> * [1/0]     [0/0]     262.352s 0b      index.html
> Exception in thread "main" java.lang.OutOfMemoryError
> java.lang.OutOfMemoryError
> java.lang.OutOfMemoryError
> java.lang.OutOfMemoryError
> /Users/Shared/_WebDLs/cvs_stuff/forrest/src/core/targets/site.xml:57:  
> Java returned: 1
> Total time: 8 minutes 49 seconds
> [clay@Clays-TiBook xml-fop_new]$

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