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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Do'nt License Samples was: Eclipse plugin roadmap
Date Sun, 01 Aug 2004 10:49:51 GMT
Nick Chalko wrote:

> Ross Gardler wrote:
>> Blast! I forgot that one. They are derived from CPL licensed images in 
>> the eclipse project. This is a compatible license (as far as I 
>> understand it), but they should be licensed as such.
>> However, I'll knock together another couple of logo's now and put them 
>> in instead.
>> Thanks for spotting this.
>> Ross
> I think this highlights the reason to NOT license samples designed to be 
> copied and by third parties, in the use of a product.
> For us that means that even thought Forrest is ASL 2,  all the files 
> generated by "forrest site"  should not be licensed, and should be 
> marked as such.


> Hmm actually, come to think of it.  When you use the "PDE wizard in 
> eclipse,  it creates a bunch of files, including the sample.gif."  and 
> none of the generated files have a license notice. I think it is 
> reasonable that the sample.gif is also not licensed.

This impacts on some other work I have. I'll check it out and report back.


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