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From "Fabio Rinaldi" <>
Subject Re: tweaking wiki
Date Thu, 26 Aug 2004 12:35:15 GMT

Nicola Ken Barozzi writes:
 > 'cocoon:/' means: do this request to the current sitemap. Look in the 
 > same file at the bottom for the relevant matches.

OK, found. Thank you. 

 > > One of the possible reasons for this work would be to support an
 > > alternative wiki format (e.g. MoinMoin Wiki). 
 > Then it's definately of interest :-)
 > You can submit a patch for a .mwiki extension (even partial), and I 
 > would be happy to apply it.

I might have a go at it. In the meantime, I'd like to point out a
possible inconsistency in the current "cwiki" grammar. It looks as if
the grammar is ambiguous between the two following structures:

   para 1
       para 2

(where para 2 belongs to the subsection)

   para 1
   para 2

(where para 2 belongs to the main section)

If I am not mistaken, both structures are accepted by the
grammar. This is (in my view), not correct, as in normal text only the
first structure is valid.

Besides, this ambiguity might cause some errors. For instance, the
following minimal document keeps giving me a parse error:

!!! Title 1

!! Title 2

! Title 3

Para 1

# item 1

! Title 4

Para 2

I have rewritten the grammar for cwiki in a (hopefully) unambiguous
way. Please find it attached, together with the corresponding

I believe this grammar is a 'superset' of the original one (with the
exception of solving the ambiguity previously mentioned). It should
accept all wiki documents accepted by the original grammar.

The only different behaviour is that the first "level 3" title (!!! 
Title) will be taken as the title of the page (rather than using the
name of the file).

I have not done any extensive testing though (which would certainly be
needed before including in a distribution).


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