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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: How to create a patch for forrest
Date Wed, 04 Aug 2004 05:54:52 GMT
There are big problems with the 'build patch' target
because it just packages the diffs for *every* changed
file that it finds. This is okay if those are the only
changes in a users' working copy. However when they have
other work in testing, then that stuff gets added in too.

The biggest issue occurs when they submit a patch to the
issue tracker, and it sits there because we don't have time
or priority to commit it. When next they go to make other
contributions, the old changes are still tangled up in their
automated patch.

It would be better if we had a simple How-To document that
just described the manual steps ... svn diff > mypatch.txt


Thorsten Scherler wrote:
> Hello all,
> please follow the steps I now describe if you like to create a patch. 
> This way it will be for all us very easy to apply your patches.
> 1) Change your local forrest dis.
> 2) Then run in top level dir:
> ./ patch or
> build.bat patch
>  e.g. my forrest top level resides in /opt/apache/forrest:
> thorsten@gatos:/opt/apache/forrest$ ./ patch
> 3) You will see:
> Attach the following file to a new issue in the Forrest issue tracker:
>     patch.tar.gz if you have added new files
>     patch.txt if you have only modified existing files
> (Please review the patch first, to ensure that you have not added extra 
> stuff.)
> Congratulations, that means you have created a patch :).
> 4) Then open a new issue at 
>!default.jspa (you 
> have be a register user and logged in) or add the file to a existing issue.
> If you add it to an existing issue and there are more then one 
> attachment it may makes sense to rename the file like e.g. 
> patch.css-style.txt.
> Some tips:
> * Make sure that your forrest SVN working copy
> is up-to-date (svn update). 
> * Keep the same text indentation as in the files that
> you are working on.
> * Make sure that your xml files and stylesheets are
> valid xml.
> thorsten

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