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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: docv12txt.xsl
Date Mon, 02 Aug 2004 03:12:55 GMT
Rick Tessner wrote:
> Attached is copy of a document2pod.xsl.  It handles lists, rudimentary
> tables, verbatim text.  It's rough, but seems to work okay.  It doesn't
> handle definition lists, notes and warnings (or nested tables, lists in
> tables, etc).

Thanks, that is committed now.

At some stage we should add a sample to the "seed site".

I added a Jira Issue (FOR-240) for the todo notes provided above.

(Wondering out loud, no time to try ...)
Is it possible to use a sub-sitemap pod.xmap?
The main sitemap is getting very cluttered.

In future please don't use email attachments unless you
really must. The Issue tracker is far better for many

David Crossley

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