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From "Scherler, Thorsten" <>
Subject How I updated the outdated version of forrest in lenya
Date Sat, 31 Jul 2004 19:55:36 GMT
Hello group,

I updated the lenya website from an old forrest version to newest svn 
head a while ago. Here is how I did it.

I decided that I needed a running base to manage the task! I used 
/forrest seed/ to create a starting basis.

I saw my changes in the new project insteandly by using /forrest run/ in 
the new seed.

Then I copied some files of the lenya documentation into the new seed 
and declared them in the site.xml. Still everything was working fine.

I decided to copy *all* important files:
* site.xml
* tab.xml
* skinconf.xml
* everything in the xdocs (that was related to the docu)
from the /old/ lenya project to my fresh seed.

Then I got a heaps of errors that I fixed one by one.
hint (*nix): forrest > log.txt | tail -f log.txt
The error were related to mismatched ressources. I fixed them by 
creating the missing files in the expect location or commenting out the 
offending code parts (e.g. in site.xml).

With this procedure I got finally a build successful.

I do not want to say that is a nice way but like I said: I got a build 
successful. ...and that is what counts on the end of the day, isn't it ;-) ?

King regards

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