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From Nicola Ken Barozzi <>
Subject Re: tigris-style cleanup
Date Fri, 30 Jul 2004 09:17:18 GMT
Diwaker Gupta wrote:

> The current tigris style needs a lot of cleanup:
> o It doesn't use rounded corners, but the CSS still includes
> background images, which are the not copied into the images directory
> thereby resulting in a huge number of needless 404s

It doesn't? It should, I had fixed this IIRC, maybe it's broken again. 
Is this with latest SVN?

> o I think the inst.css is redundant and shud be discarded. inst.css
> was meant for customization on top of the default tigris.css --
> however, this can be better handled by the extra-css option in
> skinconf.xml

I disagree, as what you call customization is in fact what the world has 
learned to recognize as the default tigris-style skin.

One of the main design objectives of this skin is to be able to use all 
teh csses from the tigris project *unmodified*, for easier upgrades in 
the future.

If someone wants to customize a skin so much that they need their own 
inst.css, it's better that they do it on the new *forrest* css skin that 
will be more feature complete.

> There are other issues which are not tigris-style specific -- like why
> are forrest.css.xslt and skinconf.xsl copied over to the deployment
> location? They're not required there, and therefore should not be
> copied.

Because we copy over everything ATM, to put there also things that are 
not directly referenced. But since we now parse the CSS, it *should* be 
safe to delete this step. Could you add this to a bug report? TIA

Nicola Ken Barozzi         
             - verba volant, scripta manent -
    (discussions get forgotten, just code remains)

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