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From Dave Brondsema <>
Subject Re: [Proposal] forrestbot at
Date Mon, 26 Jul 2004 14:42:20 GMT
On Mon, 27 Jul 2004, David Crossley wrote:

> We should have some forrestbots running on Apache machines.

+1  I've been meaning to send out an email like this :-)

> They can serve various purposes ...
> Self testing of forrest and forrestbot
> --------------------------------------
> The head version of forrestbot would run against a well-known
> stable version of a testing site. This would immediately
> reveal any Forrest development errors to us.
> Production of some Apache project documentation
> -----------------------------------------------
> A "stable" version of forrestbot which produces any project
> website into a staging area. Perhaps this can done for a
> specified SVN revision of the docs or for the head version.

It's configurable for either.

> It is the concern of some other process to take it into
> production onto * websites, though perhaps
> forrestbot can do that part too.

Yep it can, if they want it to.

> Apache infrastructure
> ---------------------
> When we know what we want, we need to request that the
> infrastructure@ list enables it. It would be best to
> provide some human resources to assist.
> There are new machines becoming available for various
> purposes. In fact when i went to look at the list, i saw
> that forrestbot was already mentioned.

Cron jobs for running forrestbot can be set up on any machine.  The web
interface should have a nice URL though.  Here's a few ideas:

The first two might conflict with existing subdomain policies.

> Current situation
> -----------------
> We need to move as quickly as possible to rectify the
> old forrestbot version-0.5 at
> This is still building the old version of our xml-forrest
> CVS repository, hence old content is being published.
> Our home page and various other pages refer to it,
> as a demonstration of our technology.
> Users are being confused. They think that it is our
> current website docs too.

Yes, yes, yes, as fast as we can :-)

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