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From Sjur Nørstebø Moshagen <>
Subject Copyless documentation -> 0.6
Date Wed, 07 Jul 2004 12:34:15 GMT

According to the upgrade page 

> Copyless
> ...
> To use the new Forrest, launch "build" as you always have done,  and 
> then change FORREST_HOME to point to [forrest]/src/core instead of 
> .../build/dist/shbat. Also make sure PATH gets updated to use the new 

This isn't completely true, as I found out. Following the above 
literally, I got the following error message:

a80-186-216-102:~/test sjur$ forrest seed
Apache Forrest.  Run 'forrest -projecthelp' to list options

/usr/local/forrest/bin/../../../tools/ant/bin/ant: line 1: cd: 
/usr/local/forrest/bin/../../../tools/ant/bin/..: No such file or 
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: 

I used to have whatever forrest build (typically 0.5.1 and early dev 
builds of 0.6) installed in /usr/local, with a symlink 'forrest' 
pointing to the version in use. FORREST_HOME was then defined as 
/usr/local/forrest, and $PATH used $FORREST_HOME as the basis.

When upgrading to the latest svn version, I decided to take the new 
copyless approach, and just redefined the symlink to 

Turned out not to work, as the ant tools are placed outside 
FORREST_HOME according to the description above.

ACTION: either update the documentation with a note about the necesity 
of getting at FORREST_HOME/../../tools, or move the tools/ directory 
two levels down (which I guess is not an option, since it is not part 
of forrest).

Another option is to specify the whole path explicitly, but I don't 
like that, as FORREST_HOME is now burried way down in my home folder - 
$PATH would become unnecessarily long;(


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