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From Jason Lane <>
Subject Re: XHTML, CSS and Javascript
Date Fri, 23 Jul 2004 20:42:25 GMT

On 23 Jul 2004, at 21:22, Diwaker Gupta wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I try to avoid Javascript as much as possible in my webpages -- not
> that I have anything against JS, but I just like to stick to XHTML and
> CSS as far as possible. Having said that, there are 2 things in
> particular in Forrest that seem to rely on Javascript, but need not
> be:
> o First is the "Last published" timestamp that gets printed in some of
> the skins. Given that forrest uses such powerful technologies as Java,
> XML and XSLT, it should be pretty trivial to automagically generate
> the last modified timestamp for skins that want to use it. I gather
> that there is no direct way of doing this in XSLT as yet -- v2.0 is
> going to have timestamping built it. But for now people resort to XSLT
> extensions which in turn use JS or Java. Anyways, my point is can't we
> do this without using Javascript?

For this need to look at input modules in Cocoon:

> o Secondly, since we already have the complete sitemap in site.xml,
> why do we need a Javascript to generate the breadcrumbs trail? It
> should be easy to simply use site.xml to statically put the code for
> the trail in the generated HTML.
> Diwaker
> -- 
> Diwaker Gupta
Jason Lane

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