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From Clay Leeds <>
Subject Re: xml-fop Build Failed
Date Thu, 22 Jul 2004 15:26:03 GMT

On Jul 21, 2004, at 11:39 PM, David Crossley wrote
> Clay Leeds wrote:
>> David Crossley wrote:
>>> In you only need to un-comment entries
>>> if you are going to change them to something different.
>> Which part did I unnecessarily uncomment?
> Compare the defaults from a 'forrest seed' or look directly
> at the main defaults src/core/context/
> e.g.
> project.content-dir=src/documentation
> You have the same, so no need to over-ride it.
> In fact if you keep in synchronisation with the 'forrest seed'
> defaults, then easy to diff each time that you update your svn.

Sounds good.


>>> I suggest that you move your sitemap.xmap to sitemap.xmap.bak
>>> and get a fresh copy of src/core/context/sitemap.xmap and add
>>> your additions.
>> In fact, I've never even touched sitemap.xmap. Most of my work has 
>> been
>> on either the site.xml, tabs.xml and a little bit of 
>> for skins. I also appended ' site.xml' to this line:
>>    forrest.validate.xdocs.excludes=**/RCS/**/* **/.* **/*~ site.xml...
> Seems okay. Not sure what RCS is doing. Nor what the "..." part is.

Ii don't know either. It's not in my file:

forrest.validate.xdocs.excludes=**/RCS/**/* **/.* **/*~ site.xml

(I'm on a laptop so perhaps I blindly typed that but inadvertently 
moved the cursor before I did it. Sorry!)

>>> Are you aware of issues FOR-202 and FOR-198? However, i see
>>> by your build messages that you have not yet reached that stage.
>> I'd seen those, but as you noticed, I hadn't gotten those errors, as I
>> haven't gotten to that stage.
>> UPDATE: I actually got the error specified by FOR-202 (it just hung 
>> and
>> I had to abort). I followed the instructions, and it seems to be
>> working better than before, although I still get a  BUILD FAILED at 
>> the
>> end...
> This is excellent news, Clay. It means that your sitemap.xmap
> is now operational.


>> p.s. Since I replaced the sitemap.xmap, I'm sure there will be some
>> items missing. Although I added the 'FOP Additions', there are 
>> probably
>> other items that need to be added to accommodate for various included
>> files:
>> - xml-fop/src/documentation/content/xdocs/fo/*.fo
>> - xml-fop/src/documentation/content/xdocs/dev/fo/*.fo
>> - xml-fop/src/documentation/content/xdocs/dev/svg/*.svg
>> ...etc.
> Not sure about the *.fo ... What processing do you intend to
> happen for those?

None, actually. Does this mean I should place the *.fo & *.svg files 
(all of which need to remain in 'source' version) in:


> One thing to bear in mind. Try to let Forrest do as much
> work as possible by default. Only over-ride stuff when you
> really must. Use grep in the src/core/context directory to
> find certain matches.

Can you give an example of how to use grep to accomplish what you're 
talking about?

Do you mean something like this?

grep 'forrest.validate.xdocs.excludes' src/core/context

>> I'm not sure if I should wait for a reply on this before I
>> start working to resolve issues (as forrest-devs are more likely to
>> spot 'glaring' issues than I am). I did notice differences in the old
>> and new versions of sitemap.xmap with regard to pipelines for *.fo,
>> *.svg, although I haven't taken the time to completely comprehend what
>> those differences mean.
>>> <><><><>< FORREST OUTPUT ><><><><><
>> [clay@Clays-TiBook xml-fop]$ forrest -Dskip.contentcheck=yes seed
>> Apache Forrest.  Run 'forrest -projecthelp' to list options
> Why are you skipping the content-check part?
> Whoa, stop.
> Unless i am reading the following output incorrectly
> you are seeding a new project over the top of your
> existing FOP website source. That is why the
> "context-check" is done ... to prevent such accidents.

Yeah... That was foolish. I misunderstood the 'seed' function. Heh.  Is 
it correct to assume that running 'forrest seed' (without 
'-Dskip.contentcheck=yes'!) copies the original files for everything 
(except the src/ dir)?

> If this is so, then remove anything that is not related to
> you FOP cvs. Then just do 'forrest' at the top level of
> your project.

OK. I re-ran /forrest/ on a backup and still get pretty much the same 

Web Maestro Clay

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