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From Clay Leeds <>
Subject Re: FAQ entry 2.1 ...generate one pdf-file out of the whole site
Date Fri, 02 Jul 2004 17:58:37 GMT
On Jul 2, 2004, at 10:03 AM, Dave Brondsema wrote:
> We should consider adding a feature that allows people to do this more 
> easily.  I'm not sure exactly how we'd configure it though.

Perhaps another attribute (@wholesite) could be placed in site.xml to 
govern this (default wholesite="true" since it would be presumed that 
all links would be placed in the whole site HTML/PDF file, but links 
would be turned OFF):

<site label="FOP" href="" xmlns="" 
   <about label="About">
     <index label="Introduction" href="index.html"/>
     <more label="More Stuff" href="more.html" wholesite="false"/>
       <!-- 'hide' More Stuff -->
   <!-- .. -->
   <development label="Development" href="dev/" tab="development">
     <introduction label="About">
       <basics label="Basics" href="index.html"/>
     <design label="Design">
       <basics label="Resolved" href="site:design/"/>
       <unresolved label="Unresolved (Wiki)" 
       <svg label="SVG" href="svg.html"/>
       <extensions label="Extensions" href="extensions.html"/>

     <whatnot label="What Not" wholesite="false">
       <!-- 'hide' contents of What Not section -->
       <index label="Introduction" href="index.html" wholesite="true"/>
         <!-- although What Not tab is hidden -->
         <!-- this enables What Not tab, but -->
         <!-- only shows this item -->
       <evenmore label="Even More Stuff" href="evenmore.html"/>
       <stillmore label="Still More Stuff" href="stillmore.html"/>
       <ridiculouslymore label="Did I Mention Even More Stuff" 
     </whatnot >


I purposely did not call this attribute 'wholesitepdf', as it could 
also be used for Whole Site HTML as well. We could go further, to use 
attribute values such as:
- wholesite="nopdf"
- wholesite="nohtml"
- wholesite="nowherenohow"
- wholesite="none"

(Obviously, the ability to hide a section, but then enable one item in 
a section could be discussed...)

Web Maestro Clay

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