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From Thorsten Scherler <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] css list-items (was Re: css list-items)
Date Tue, 27 Jul 2004 11:42:14 GMT
Clay Leeds wrote:

>>> The PATCH I created fixes the .content ul (any ul under .content)  
>>> style, as well as the .menu ul (any ul under .menu) style. I didn't  
>>> make any changes to the ol element. The only example I could 
>>> find[3]  didn't look like it needed any help.
>> The css-style needs very much attention regarding that topic :). 
>> Help  here is really appreciated. Have a look at  
>> skins/css-style-dev/note.txt?rev=23196&root=Apache-SVN&view=markup.  
>> You may feel able to help with some points on the list.
>> Do not hesitate to ask any question that may arise.
> If you have something specific, let me know, and I will be happy to  
> help.

You can find the tasks that we have to do before we can think about 
releasing the skin as beta-version in
{forrest}/src/core/context/skins/css-style-dev/note.txt. If you have 
specific questions on that point just ask me.

All the task in the note.txt are blockers for releasing the skin!

>>> Without further ado, here's the PATCH (actually it's a diff -u of 
>>> the  original and the modified (on my Desktop).
>> Can you do diffs as well for the css-style-dev if you can fix some  
>> issues there? That would be very nice! This way we may can include 
>> it  in the upcoming release as "beta" version.
> Your wish has been granted[1].

Sorry, after changing the screen.css manually (could not apply your 
patch) I had a look on the result. I did not like it because I could not 
see the menu points anymore! I used Mozilla Firefox.

Did you tried your patch and had a look on the result?

Any thoughts?

king regards

>> Thanks very much again!
>> King regards
>> thorsten
> You're very welcome!
> Web Maestro Clay

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