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From Thorsten Scherler <>
Subject Re: [RT] Right side navigation
Date Thu, 22 Jul 2004 06:36:35 GMT
Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:

> If you look at Stefano's original Forrest skin design []1, you will 
> see a right hand side part. Other site like this one [2] use both the 
> navigation on the left and the part on the right.
> Looking at these sites I see that this kind of navigation include:
>  - news
>  - participation info
>  - search
>  - publicity
>  - credits
>  - related links
>  - ...
> In practice, anything.
> Generalizing it, we could see the left and right parts of the page as 
> "information nugget" containers, where "nuggets" are in fact normal 
> web pages, only with less content.

...and url specific content (path specific). e.g.
site-main topics (information nugget):
-project (News - last bug fixes, new releases,...)
-community (Last posts to mailing lists, new committer, search mailing 
-documentation (new wiki pages, new calls [3], ...)

> So, instead of special entries for search, credits, etc we could 
> simply say in skinconf.xml what pages we want to include there. 
> Navigation would of course be a "nugget" itself, as in fact it already 
> is internally.
> To tell Forrest to use the left or right pane we can define a 
> "primary" pane and a "secondary" pane.
> Does this spark something?

Me reading that words it looks like the classic "modul" configuration of
something like php-nuke, etc.. I reckon it as a real good idea. That is
easy for the user to configure.

...but I think as user I want to do it with an interface without
touching the code! Like php-nuke, etc. are providing. As user I do not
want to write in xml my documentation nor configuring the style of my site!

The whole approach of writing the site.xml, tab.xml, skinconfig.xml and
documentation in xml should be either be done with a GUI or within an
overall CMS which could provide such GUIs.

Look e.g. now the case with lenya. We are planing to rewrite the
documentation. Committer who wants to participate in writing the
documentation now have to learn a wee bit forrest to write docs. I
prefer to write the docu with lenya because I could write my docs,
howtos, faq, etc. via a web-interface.

Now for users that want to write howtos. They go normally the wiki way.
...but that means more work for the committers if they are not able to
integrate that to their workflow. Before a document like a HowTo should
go into the official documentation, it needs review and a test whether
the howto really works. ...but that leads us straight to [4] and [5]

King regards

> [1]
> [2]




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