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From "Clay Leeds" <>
Subject Re: Forrest commands
Date Thu, 15 Jul 2004 03:00:34 GMT
David Crossley said:
> And i presume that you saw how to configure it at

Yes.. I saw that, but it didn't 'click' in my head that I could actually
use it. BTW, what's 'missing' from that otherwise extensive description,
is how to configure Eclipse. I noticed that Thorsten indicated using a
plugin (I don't recall which off-hand, but I know it's $$$). Is there a
built-in way to do it, or would it work with XMLBuddy, which I already
have installed?

> Actually it is a relic of our recent build re-organisation.
> Some targets need a description added again so that they
> are listed with 'forrest -projecthelp'. Added Issue FOR-216.
> --
> David Crossley

That was fast! Thanks!

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