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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: jtidy integration
Date Fri, 30 Jul 2004 03:52:43 GMT
Diwaker Gupta wrote:
> What I was more interested in was putting the
> HTML generated by forrest at the end of the pipelines through jtidy to
> achieve temporary standards compliance.

Well this is something different to what you were asking
at the beginning of this thread. I think that it is
inappropriate to throw rubbish into the pipeline, then try
to clean it up at the end. You are better off to either
start with well-formed and valid content, or to clean the
content at the "generate" stage.

> I uncommented all relevant code, and tried putting jtidy at the end of
> the pipeline thus in sitemap.xmap (I'm not very good at XSLT so I
> might have messed this up):
> But it doesn't seem to change anything. 
> Anybody else have luck with this?

It sounds like you need to spend some time to understand
the "sitemap" and its power. There are some docs in Forrest
to help with that and follow on to Cocoon docs if you need more.

Basically a "generator" goes at the beginning of a pipeline
and not at the end. The generator can optionally use Jtidy
to clean the input. Then it is the concern of the transformers
to massage that content and produce valid and well-formed

David Crossley

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