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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: jtidy integration
Date Thu, 29 Jul 2004 02:14:07 GMT
Diwaker Gupta wrote:
> Is there jtidy integration with forrest? I can see jtidy at a lot of
> places in the sources, however I don't know where to look for to
> activate it.
> Any pointers?

I do not know either, so i will help us to help ourselves.
Perhaps the guys in Europe can give other ideas when the
world turns that far.

(Please indulge me while we do another development lesson.
I have edited some of the output from 'find' and there
is one interesting .jar match that i snipped for brevity.)

More discussion below (and there is an answer to the issue) ...

[localhost home]$ cd $FORREST
[localhost forrest]$
find . -type f | xargs grep -i jtidy | grep -v "\.svn"



Use this instead if you want JTidy to clean up your HTML

<include name=""/>

ihtml now works again. Had to add a jtidy configuration
that prevented it to output

Item 1 and Item 2 indicate that you can configure Jtidy.

Item 3 sounds promising. Ah, it even provides the sitemap
snippet to turn it on. Currently it is doing a map:read
of the raw html, but you can do a map:generate which
i presume invokes Jtidy. Check the other sitemaps at
Items 1 and 2. (Might need to go to the Cocoon doco
to find out more.)

Item 5 shows that thankfully one of the developers
added a description to their patch and, importantly,
to the status.xml files. Next, or maybe before all this,
look at the local changes file from the forrest docs
via localhost:8888/changes.html or file:/// to static docs
or the forrest website. Use browser "find in page" function.

Oops, sounds like it was switched off to work around a bug.
Better go to the Issue tracker to find any existing issues.
If you can add any notes or create an issue then please do.

[localhost forrest]$ svn log status.xml | grep -i jtidy
... gets a hit. So better look at it properly. The log
entry shows the date that changes were made to Jtidy.
There might be something in the email archives.

I hope that helps everybody. Obviously we need an FAQ about
using Jtidy, but there isn't yet one, so this is the usual
development process to go through.

David Crossley

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