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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: [RT] Right side navigation
Date Mon, 26 Jul 2004 05:29:55 GMT
Clay Leeds wrote:
> Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:
> <snip>
> > Generalizing it, we could see the left and right parts of the page as 
> > "information nugget" containers, where "nuggets" are in fact normal 
> > web pages, only with less content.
> >
> > So, instead of special entries for search, credits, etc we could 
> > simply say in skinconf.xml what pages we want to include there. 
> > Navigation would of course be a "nugget" itself, as in fact it already 
> > is internally.
> >
> > To tell Forrest to use the left or right pane we can define a 
> > "primary" pane and a "secondary" pane.
> >
> > Does this spark something?
> >
> > [1]
> > [2]
> > -- 
> > Nicola Ken Barozzi         
> Very nice! I especially like the possibility of specifying left or 
> right or both! This looks very achievable with the new css-style. The 
> Search box could be another 'pane'. Exciting!

It certainly should be an ability. Obviously, it was always
a goal of Forrest. Probably we held ourselves back and just
did the simpler top-and-left type navigation. We were also
trying to be "cross browser and old browser friendly" by
not going overboard on the embbedded-tables thing.

It is possible now that we will be providing a css and div skin.

I wonder how Antonio and team are building the [2] site?
Are they using Forrest (hard to determine by view-source)
but it looks like it.

David Crossley

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