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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Forrest commands
Date Thu, 15 Jul 2004 03:37:40 GMT
Clay Leeds wrote:
> David Crossley said:
> > And i presume that you saw how to configure it at
> >
> Yes.. I saw that, but it didn't 'click' in my head that I could actually
> use it. BTW, what's 'missing' from that otherwise extensive description,
> is how to configure Eclipse. I noticed that Thorsten indicated using a
> plugin (I don't recall which off-hand, but I know it's $$$). Is there a
> built-in way to do it, or would it work with XMLBuddy, which I already
> have installed?

Sorry, i cannot help, as i do not bother with fancy IDEs yet.
However, i suggest that you ask the question in a separate
topic. We will add the hints to that doc.

> > Actually it is a relic of our recent build re-organisation.
> > Some targets need a description added again so that they
> > are listed with 'forrest -projecthelp'. Added Issue FOR-216.
> That was fast! Thanks!

It is the only way. Jump onto issues as soon as they become
apparent, and if they cannot be fixed now, document them
in the issue tracker.

David Crossley

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