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From David Crossley <>
Subject svn usage habits (Was: svn commit: rev 22605)
Date Tue, 06 Jul 2004 07:57:24 GMT
Thorsten Scherler wrote:
> David Crossley wrote:
> >It seems that your 'svn properties' are still not correct.
> >... note.txt was missed.
> >
> Ok, I will install linux in my home soon as.

No matter what the OS, still needs to be configured
or get into the habit of explicitly setting them
whenever 'svn add' a new file.

> I just copied all props from FOR-124. Dunno what happend.
> ...but the note.txt I have created on my windows box.

Ah, same problem there.

> >Also your commit seemed to add some strange "svn:ignore" props
> >
> >>  forrest/trunk/   (props changed)
> >>  forrest/trunk/src/core/context/skins/   (props changed)
> >>
> >[context]$ svn propget svn:ignore skins
> >whs
> >skins-1.xml
> >whs
> >
> Oh, man! _sorry_ -> how can I add them only local?
> I thought I just added them locally.

For most of my local things, i just ignore the 'svn status'
messages. Actually they are good to see because they remind
me of the cruft that i need to clean up. It is dangerous to
hide stuff because it gets accidently committed.

The best thing is to get into the habit of reviewing the list
of files to be committed and their flags before sending it.

> How can I undo that?

Not sure. Probably something to do with 'propset'.

> ...I have to find the time to read the svn-online-book!

Yep, all of us. It is a great reference to have handy.
I learn a lot just by glancing at it when i have an issue.

David Crossley

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