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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Forrest skins (repository, build errors, testing, etc.)
Date Thu, 01 Jul 2004 09:47:11 GMT
Clay Leeds wrote:
> I spent some time searching the and was 
> surprised I couldn't find any sort of 'skins repository'. The only real 
> 'skins' related references I found were [1] & [2], which provide good 
> information about how to use and add skins, but not where to get them. 
> Is there a location which has a collection of skins (forrest-site, 
> krysalis-site, tigris-style, whs, xhtml-css, etc.)?

Did you use the build target 'forrest available-skins'?

However, watch out with those test skins. It is possible
that they are slightly out-of-date with the recent changes.

> On a related note, I've currently got the whs & xhtml-css skins (I 
> think I got them by following the forrest-dev list some time ago[3] & 
> [4]). Unfortunately, when I try to use these two skins, I get BUILD 
> FAILED errors I don't get with forrest-site. These errors are probably 
> related to skinconf problems though...

Any skins that were made a while ago, will probably need
attention. See the message in the Forrest changes:
... grep that page for "Rick Tessner".

> Finally, my offer of testing site skins[5] still stands... I just need 
> links to pages to test...

Great. I remember that that thread stirred a lot of interest.

Testing would be real good. Also we have not updated our
compliance page in a while: maybe some to add, some to remove.

Thorsten, there are also lots of links in [5] to the work you
are keen on - getting rid of table-based layout.

> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
> [4]
> [5] Mac browser testing

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