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From Clay Leeds <>
Subject Re: Forrest skins (repository, build errors, testing, etc.)
Date Mon, 05 Jul 2004 21:34:03 GMT
On Jul 2, 2004, at 5:43 PM, Scherler, Thorsten wrote:
> Clay Leeds wrote:
>> m... I guess I wasn't clear... I don't know how to fix that (I guess  
>> I could do some type of diff with the forrest files)... If I did, I  
>> wouldn't have that error any more. :-p
> LOL I thought you meant that is coming from the skin.
> Reading the error message and assuming that 
> /Users/Shared/_WebDLs/cvs_stuff/xml-fop/src/documentation/ is your 
> project path, I thing in line 126 of your sitemap.xmap you used a 
> <pipelime/> element that is offending to the 
> dtd.
> Try to validate the sitemap. 
> if you using some of the 
> mentioned tool of that page makes it easy to solve the problem if it 
> is just a validation problem.

Does anyone have information on getting the Catalog Entity Resolver for 
local DTDs with Eclipse?

> some reason for validation problems that I had were:
> - I defined a new element in my skinconf.xml and forgot to add it to 
> the  skinconfig-v06-2.dtd.
> - I used two times my new element <disable-font-script/>. The error 
> message were like yours. I violated above dtd with using it two times.
> - I forgot to close a tag (<tag> but *no* </tag> or vice versa). The 
> same error msg.
> - I used special character like ä, á, ñ, ... You have to declare that 
> as entity or use &#...; instead. I use eclipse and the xml-buddy let 
> you format xml, so I just format my xml and all special character are 
> translated.
> If you can't find the error with this info just post the sitemap to 
> the list ;-)

It being a holiday in the United States (and I'm 'off' today...), I 
haven't taken the time to do this yet. I'll look into it when I get 
back to work tomorrow.

Thanks again for your assistance! I'd really like to get the FOP web 
site up to snuff using forrest 0.6, so it can be as 'up-to-date' as 
possible. My hope is that this will make maintenance easier for us all. 
Any help provided will merely mean the web site will look better 
sooner. We've been really itching to get a Whole Site PDF up and 

FWIW, once the FOP site is done, I intend to spend some time improving 
the the output of the Whole Site PDF to give it header/footer colors, 
and assorted features (Page X of Y, running headers/footers, 
eco-friendly margins, etc.)

Web Maestro Clay

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