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From Clay Leeds <>
Subject Re: Forrest skins (repository, build errors, testing, etc.)
Date Thu, 01 Jul 2004 14:00:26 GMT
On Jul 1, 2004, at 3:41 AM, Thorsten Scherler wrote:
> David Crossley wrote:
>> Clay Leeds wrote:
>> [...]
>>> On a related note, I've currently got the whs & xhtml-css skins (I 
>>> think I got them by following the forrest-dev list some time ago[3] 
>>> & [4]). Unfortunately, when I try to use these two skins, I get 
>>> BUILD FAILED errors I don't get with forrest-site. These errors are 
>>> probably related to skinconf problems though...
>> Any skins that were made a while ago, will probably need
>> attention. See the message in the Forrest changes:
>> ... grep that page for "Rick Tessner".
> Jupp, most 0.5 skins need some rewritting regarding 0.6.

"Erring" on the side of caution is nice, but IMHO it would be nice to 
have a page on where skins are housed. We 
could put them in a <gasp>table</gasp> (there are still uses for those 
things! ;-p) complete with a link to the .zip, a description, a pic, 
credits, and any applicable NOTEs. If there are problems with the 
skins, then we should outline the issues in the NOTEs section. If 
there's any other info I'm missing, then we can add it.

> I did not had any luck either in installing whs-0.5. The problem is 
> described by Rick.

I thought it was just me. :-)

> Due to the fact it is not (yet) part of the official dis I did not try 
> to fix the issues in WHS but rather used the krysalis-site skin for 
> lenya.
>>> Finally, my offer of testing site skins[5] still stands... I just 
>>> need links to pages to test...
>> Great. I remember that that thread stirred a lot of interest.
>> Testing would be real good. Also we have not updated our
>> compliance page in a while: maybe some to add, some to remove.
>> /docs/compliance.html
>> Thorsten, there are also lots of links in [5] to the work you
>> are keen on - getting rid of table-based layout.
> [5] states
> > I've updated the skin (tentatively renamed to "xhtml-css") that adds
> > the most obvious missing features back in and some bug-fixes
> more or less " + updates + bugfixes = 
>", right?
> I just downloaded the to have a look.
> If I manage to get it working ;-) I will upload a sample page to a 
> test server.
> So Web Maestro Clay :) can have a look. As soon as I am finished I 
> will post the link.

Sounds excellent! I'll look forward to it. BTW, on the subject of 
Skins, do I need to actually decompress/extract/untar the [skin].zip 
file into src/documentation/skins or can I just place the ZIP archive 
into src/documentation/skins/[skin].zip?

> If it is working I would introduce the custom-color to it and use that 
> as basis for the zengarden-based-skin. I just have to change some 
> <p><RENAME_FILE_TO_USE_div class=""> elements afterwards. Maybe I can 
> make this changes (class="") customizable via skinconf.xml. So the 
> user can change the div names on the fly and imitate different 
> standard-xhtml-output formats.

Sounds good, although it might be nice to have a non zengarden version 
immediately for testing.

> King regards
> thorsten

Yo tambien! Moi aussi! Anch'io! Ich au!

Web Maestro Clay

>>> [1]
>>> [2]
>>> [3]
>>> [4]
>>> [5] Mac browser testing
> -- 
> Thorsten Scherler
> Departamento de Desarrollo de Proyectos
> Sociedad Andaluza para el Desarrollo de la Sociedad de la InformaciĆ³n 
> S.A.U.

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