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From "Scherler, Thorsten" <>
Subject [RT] Skin-engine and new css-style skin
Date Wed, 30 Jun 2004 18:27:01 GMT
Hello devs,

 > The would be an awesome template to use 
as start! I mean the plan can be to grep the html code and write the 
pipelines around that. In the end we would have the "original" cssgarden 
html with the project content and "whatever" css.

If we would let the user choose different standard html-output template 
like zengarden et al. and their css provider would make it easy to build 
a skin engine around that.

Basicly what the user has to define is the css he wants to use for the 
output.  That he can choose from over a hundert or thousand free designs 
out in the web. Afterwards we can make this css editable so the user can 
further customize the design.

All information the skin engine would need are providers.
* The skin-html-provider, that provides the base html output structure 
with css-tags
* The skin-css-provider, that provides the base css-files

At best that information is provided by hrefs that containing the 
dowload location. With that information the user can have a great design 
out of the box in defining in skinconf.xml:

     <html-sample href="zengarden-sample.html" />
     <css-sample href="zengarden-sample.css" />

To start with that we could acomplish the css-style skin with 
the zengarden html reference site.

That would be a good combination for the and its 
forrest.skins.descriptors. The project skin packages could be seen as 
skin distribution. Skin distribution can be seen as *.deb or *.rpm 
packages containing all needed files to install a skin. Like the skins 
we have now.

The css-style skin should in the end become a zengardes-transformer that 
is able to read out difference files from different provider and apply 
that on the forrest documentation.


king regards
  <name>Thorsten Scherler</name>
	"My task which I am trying to achieve is,
	by the power of the written word,
	[...] to make you see."
	*Joseph Conrad (1857-1924)*

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