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From "Scherler, Thorsten" <>
Subject Re: [RT] Skin names and skin cleaning
Date Sat, 26 Jun 2004 17:38:01 GMT
>> Hmmm... then it's a whs-like internal layout with a krysalis-site-like 
>> appearance.
>> I really think that having an extra skin doesn't make sense in the 
>> long run, but I do think that it totally makes sense that one of our 
>> skins should be "skinnable" like this one.
>> How far is
>> from
>> ?
I did not try to port the whs-0.5 to 0.6. I saw the layout but no 
content. In the end I used the krysalis-site skin.

>> I mean, would it be ok for lenya to usr the whs skin with the current 
>> lenya colors and the enhancements that we will pour in there from 
>> current krysalis-site?

For the moment I have some enhancement questions about the krysalis-site 

Is it possible to:
- move the left logo a wee bit to the left
- move the right logo to absolute right (if no search box is activated)
- desactivate the published notice on the top right
- desactivate the font size script
- move the build with forrest logo into the footer
- desactivate the 'breadcrumb trail' of links
- enhance the tab bar menu in terms of font size
with configuration of the skinconf.xml.

I would like to configure that from the skinconf.xml. If that is not 
possible so far is that form interest to implement?

Or should I use for this parts an overriding custom xsl?


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