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From "Scherler, Thorsten" <>
Subject Re: Deploy 2 different site with 1 Forrest pub
Date Fri, 25 Jun 2004 17:04:31 GMT
Ross Gardler wrote:

> [...]
>> I will have a look! Do you see any chance that we can use that in 
>> forrest as well?  ...or are the tweaks major?
> My intention is to create this as a kind of skin/plug-in for Forrest. We 
> have discussed this on list in the past and since there is considerable 
> functionality that we require for Learning Objects that as nothing to do 
> with most Forrest generated sites I feel that a skin/plug-in approach is 
> best.
> However, anything Forrest wants within the core is there to be had. I am 
> more than willing to work on putting it in Forrest. All I have to do is 
> find the time to tidy things up and make a proposal.
> There is a kind of "skin" package available from CVS at 
> (you want the saafe-d 
> module). It is not really a skin as there is some pretty major work on 
> the xmaps and resource stylesheets at present so I can't package it as a 
> skin yet (something else I want to find the time to do eventually).
> Perhaps you could help us over on that project tidy things up and create 
> a more complete "plug-in" for Forrest.

Will have to look to find time. I am right now with lenya and forrest 
;-). ... but I will have a look. It's sound quite nice :).

>>> Incidentally, it means you have a graphical tool for editing the site 
>>> structure as there is an Open Source tool for editing IMS Manifests.
>> :) graphical tools for editing are alwazs welcome :)
> So true, right now we use the Reload IMS editor 
> ( to edit the IMS manifest files. However, the 
> Burrokeet project ( we are planning on 
> incorporating a site editor (actually a Learning Object editor based on 
> reload) and a browser based WSIWYG editor into the Eclipse platform. 
> Eventually this will give  us full graphical editors for Forrest 
> generated sites. All help over their would be appreciated if you are 
> interested.

That defenetly kick ass! A WSIWYG editor for forrest that is SWEET!!! 
Did you check out lenya ( Maybe we can 
help you integrate your tools into lenya and you would have workflow 
control and a full featured CMS based approach :).


p.s. we will have to keep in touch on that ;-)

> Ross

  <name>Thorsten Scherler</name>
	"My task which I am trying to achieve is,
	by the power of the written word,
	[...] to make you see."
	*Joseph Conrad (1857-1924)*

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