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From "Scherler, Thorsten" <>
Subject Re: [Skins] Donation of the "lenya-site" skin
Date Wed, 02 Jun 2004 16:59:10 GMT
Hello David,

David Crossley wrote:

> I do not think that you need to do the 'forrest install-skin'.
> After declaring the skin name in then
> just do 'forrest' ... it will fetch and install the skin.

Yes it does :). ...but only if:

> I temporarily added it to the main skins descriptor.

> Drop your additional entry from
> and see if that makes any difference.

Yes it did! :)

Now we know that we have a bug around the local skins.xml. I gets read 
but the download of the skin from the web fails.

> Also try 'forrest -v' to see if the verbose output
> would give some hints.

I repeated today the steps with a second skin:
1) create the skin
2) forrest package-skin
3) defined it in my descriptor
4) checked with "forrest available-skins"
5) forrest

and it worked :)

... dunno why it have not yesterday.

Yes I do! I just changed:

Trying to say something wrong with the "comma seperated list,". The 
second link do *not* work. In detail the url of the skin.

I just double checked as well the file:///d:/get/skins.xml and it 
worked. When it stands alone but not in the comma seperated list.

I just filled out an isue.

Thanks for the help.

King regards

  <name>Thorsten Scherler</name>
	"My task which I am trying to achieve is,
	by the power of the written word,
	[...] to make you see."
	*Joseph Conrad (1857-1924)*

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