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From Clay Leeds <>
Subject Re: [DRAFT] Forrest Project Guidelines
Date Wed, 30 Jun 2004 15:19:22 GMT
(from the perspective of being just a 'user'--I think--at this point 

On Jun 30, 2004, at 5:22 AM, David Crossley wrote:
>> David Crossley wrote:
>>> Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:
>>> ... but now that I have seen it I don't read in it
>>> the fact that simple committers cannot vote
>>> (as instead I would prefer).
>> Voting is the next task to add to the document.
>> We had already said that we would identify the roles
>> and responsibilities first. Though you are right, such
>> things are intertwined.
> So if that is the only thing that you see wrong so far
> then we are getting somewhere. Can anyone see other issues?

I concur with Nicola Ken Barozzi. A non-voting committer doesn't make 
sense to me. To me it's not unlike having a soldier in the military 
with a 'license' to kill, but who can't legally drink (in U.S.A. you 
can join the military at 18, but you can't legally drink until you are 

>>> Also, wouldn't it be better just to refer to the main
>>> Apache document for this, and just clarify some points?
>> That might be possible (though that main document needs
>> some enhancements). However most other projects seem
>> to also define the roles in their Guidelines. Another
>> issue is that we are defining an extra role that no other
>> project uses yet.
> I think that it is better to have a complete standalone
> document. What do other people think?
> -- 
> David Crossley

I think a standalone document would better suit the needs of the 
Forrest community in the future.

and to paraphrase Cheche:

> User
> Developer
> Committer
> Committer with binding vote
> PMC member...

This seems like too much for me. IMHO, since Developers could also 
submit PATCHs to be committed by a COMMITTER (as is the case for 
most--all?--other Apache projects), giving someone COMMITTER access 
should include the responsibility of the VOTE as well.

Web Maestro Clay <>
There are only 10 kinds of people in the world: those who understand 
binary and those who don't.

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