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Subject RE: release candidate
Date Fri, 11 Jun 2004 10:45:19 GMT
> > Do we want to have a forrest-0.6-RC1?  Do we want to release it now?
> I think that we should squat all the known assigned bugs [1] before 
> releasing.
> Actually, I wouldn't be doing a RC, as we are still using a 0.x 
> numbering, and things are not *that* stable.

I would prefer having a 0.6-RC1.

On my todo list is a redesign of my homepage (lost the used custom skin :( 
and the upgrade from Forrest 0.4 (I think) to actual version.
Then my collegue (who should maintain the site) can use a propert version
the latest cvs one.

> > I think if we're going to have one we should do it now because we're
> > getting pretty close.  If we give the RC a couple weeks for 
> people to
> > test, we should be able to close up any remaining bugs.  
> We can fix the bugs we know we have, release, and then fix 
> the bugs that 
> come out.
> Here is how we could do:
>                                     -branchs for 0.7 features---|-|-|\
> (trunk) -->fix 
> bugs-->release0.6--/------------>release0.6.1---|-|-|--->

Is it easier in SVN to keep two braches in sync? 
I hate it to add bugfixes always to Ant_Latest and Ant_16 (cvs) ...

> > A prerequisite
> > for an RC would be the upgrading document, however.
> +1 (substitute RC->release)

+1 - very very welcome :-))

> > And a prerequisite for the final release would be 
> all
> > set up.
> +1

+1 - then all people know the 'correct' adress.


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