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From Lorenz Froihofer <>
Subject Re: [RT] Does total content-view separation cut it?
Date Wed, 30 Jun 2004 21:25:01 GMT

Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:
> Lorenz Froihofer wrote:
>> There are some cases, where you want to ensure that the layout of at 
>> least some of the existing html files is preserved while you still
>> want the menu and the tabs of the Forrest site to be visible for
>> these files.
>> *) Inappropriate layout of a page destroys its readability 
>> *) A page should keep it's layout regardless of the used skin
>> *) A page displays content that needs special formatting but the type of
>> content is not used often enough to be worth the overhead of defining
>> a DTD and custom stylesheets.
> This is something that we have to define, as it may be seen as a 
> limitation of Forrest.
> What are opinions about this?
> Real-life examples of the above?

I do not have examples for all of the abovementioned issues but one that 
falls into this category:

A page that uses several images to explain some system behaviour (or 
whatever) may depend on some predefined relative positions of the 
graphics for readability. Imagine that some of the images are packages 
of a system and by clicking on an image you can zoom in to the package 
(opens another page).

Without the feature that you can also predefine the layout of a page, 
you would have to use one large image with an image map (which is often 
not desired or acceptable).

For such a page you want to ensure that the layout of the page is kept 
the same for different skins (the relative position of the images should 
not be altered).

-- Lorenz.

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