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From Lorenz Froihofer <>
Subject Re: Deploy 2 different site with 1 Forrest pub
Date Sat, 26 Jun 2004 09:09:39 GMT
>>> What all this means is that you can have two completely independent 
>>> sites and integrate them into a single site at build time (works 
>>> dynamically too). Current status is alpha. Everything works but it is 
>>> a little untidy and there are some nasty hacks that need sorting out. 
>>> There are also some tweaks in Forrest itself to make it work. In a 
>>> week or so we will be making a release of our project, then you can 
>>> take a look at it and decide what parts should be going into Forrest.
>> I will have a look! Do you see any chance that we can use that in 
>> forrest as well?  ...or are the tweaks major?
> My intention is to create this as a kind of skin/plug-in for Forrest. We 
> have discussed this on list in the past and since there is considerable 
> functionality that we require for Learning Objects that as nothing to do 
> with most Forrest generated sites I feel that a skin/plug-in approach is 
> best.

I do not know much about the skin/plug-in approach. Is it possible in 
this case to have more than one site.xml and tabs.xml per site?

My current workaround to this requirement is that I have two forrest 
sites with one primary site (including custom skin, stylesheets) and a 
secondary site (with symbolic links to the resources of the primary site).

To build the whole site, I use a shell script to build (with Forrest) 
the primary and the secondary site and copy the resulting files into a 
single directory.

The issue with this approach: Links between the primary and the 
secondary site are always broken links. Therefore, I always get a "BUILD 
FAILED" for each site.

Kind regards,
   Lorenz Froihofer.

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