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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Deploy 2 different site with 1 Forrest pub
Date Fri, 25 Jun 2004 16:04:29 GMT
Thorsten Scherler wrote:
> Ross Gardler wrote:
>> Scherler, Thorsten wrote:
>> What all this means is that you can have two completely independent 
>> sites and integrate them into a single site at build time (works 
>> dynamically too). Current status is alpha. Everything works but it is 
>> a little untidy and there are some nasty hacks that need sorting out. 
>> There are also some tweaks in Forrest itself to make it work. In a 
>> week or so we will be making a release of our project, then you can 
>> take a look at it and decide what parts should be going into Forrest.
> I will have a look! Do you see any chance that we can use that in 
> forrest as well?  ...or are the tweaks major?

My intention is to create this as a kind of skin/plug-in for Forrest. We 
have discussed this on list in the past and since there is considerable 
functionality that we require for Learning Objects that as nothing to do 
with most Forrest generated sites I feel that a skin/plug-in approach is 

However, anything Forrest wants within the core is there to be had. I am 
more than willing to work on putting it in Forrest. All I have to do is 
find the time to tidy things up and make a proposal.

There is a kind of "skin" package available from CVS at (you want the saafe-d 
module). It is not really a skin as there is some pretty major work on 
the xmaps and resource stylesheets at present so I can't package it as a 
skin yet (something else I want to find the time to do eventually).

Perhaps you could help us over on that project tidy things up and create 
a more complete "plug-in" for Forrest.

>> Incidentally, it means you have a graphical tool for editing the site 
>> structure as there is an Open Source tool for editing IMS Manifests.
> :) graphical tools for editing are alwazs welcome :)

So true, right now we use the Reload IMS editor 
( to edit the IMS manifest files. However, the 
Burrokeet project ( we are planning on 
incorporating a site editor (actually a Learning Object editor based on 
reload) and a browser based WSIWYG editor into the Eclipse platform. 
Eventually this will give  us full graphical editors for Forrest 
generated sites. All help over their would be appreciated if you are 


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