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From Thorsten Scherler <>
Subject Re: [RT] Skin names and skin cleaning
Date Fri, 25 Jun 2004 12:53:10 GMT
Hi all,

I never gave you an answer:

Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:

> David Crossley wrote:
>> Thorsten Scherler wrote:
>>> David Crossley wrote:
>>> ...In terms of similarities with the krysalis-site the *main* 
>>> difference is that I used div's instead of tables! I think it much 
>>> nicer that way to get controll over placing and style of the page 
>>> due to the fact that I now only have to change the css.  This way 
>>> the site can look totally different without any major trouble. Even 
>>> the placing of the images can be alter easy without touching the 
>>> xsl's. ...that can be even handled by our web-designer ;-) without 
>>> any explanation. ->SOC
>> Well this is a big difference between the skins then.
>> Elsewhere in this thread Nicola Ken referred to krysalis-site
>> as 'our last "table layout" based skin'.
>> So perhaps this lenya skin is needed as another fundamental type.
> Hmmm... then it's a whs-like internal layout with a krysalis-site-like 
> appearance.
> I really think that having an extra skin doesn't make sense in the 
> long run, but I do think that it totally makes sense that one of our 
> skins should be "skinnable" like this one.
> How far is
> from
> ?

I would like to download the skin-packages and compare them! I agree 
that having only one CSS based skin makes sense. I will have a look 
whether I can use it! Please, tell me the skin-descriptor.

> I mean, would it be ok for lenya to usr the whs skin with the current 
> lenya colors and the enhancements that we will pour in there from 
> current krysalis-site?

I am willing to have a look for that but makes hell lot of sense. It 
will be for us (lenya-committer) easier to maintain! A CSS-stylesheet 
instead of some xsl!

So let me know where I can get the whs-skin packages and I will try to 
get the lenya skin ported to that (with only the use of CSS). I will let 
you know about my work.


> I want to have a single css skin if possible, and have everyone 
> concentrate on that. We can choose whs and have lenya use that, or 
> viceversa.
> In this way we will have tigris-style that is basically enhanced by 
> Tigris (I use exactly the same css files), the css skin and the last 
> tabled-based one.
> What do others think/prefer as a CSS skin?

Thorsten Scherler

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