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From Lorenz Froihofer <>
Subject [PATCH] menu.xmap Tab selection
Date Thu, 24 Jun 2004 12:03:26 GMT

this is related to the fix for FOR-111.

Unfortunately, I the fix for FOR-111 only considered the menu entries. 
(This is because I did not use a skin that highlights the selected tab.) 
Now I discovered that the menu entries are selected appropriately, but 
the wrong tab is highlighted.

This patch applies normalizing hrefs for tab selection.

There ist still a further issue:

The 2nd level tabs are not shown for menu entries that caused the issue 
FOR-111. This happens because the starts-with() path comparison fails 
for menu entries that do not reside the same directory as is specified 
in the "dir" attribute of the 2nd level tabs.

I will add this to the issue tracker.

Kind regards,
   Lorenz Froihofer.

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