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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Deploy 2 different site with 1 Forrest pub
Date Tue, 15 Jun 2004 12:38:30 GMT
Scherler, Thorsten wrote:
> Hello list,
> I was wondering whether it is possible to have a forrest pub and deploy 
> 2 different sites with that same pub.
> I mean e.g. the www-lenya site contains the documentation and website 
> specific stuff. I consider them 2 different sites. In documentating ASF 
> projects with forrest I guess that is the regular usecase. IMO every 
> project should provide a documentation (site2) apart from the project 
> software as indepent piece.

This is a requirement I have too. I discussed some solutions to this 
with the list some time ago (cannot provide a link to the archives as 
I'm offline right now). I've been away for some time on other things. 
However, I do have an almost complete solution to this problem, I need 
to propose it back here and make it fit into the Forrest way of doing 
things so here goes. First a little background:

Our project ( is building a tool for creating 
Learning Objects (reusable chunks of learning content). Each Learning 
Object can consist of original content and zero or more external 
learning objects. These learning objects come from a repository (which 
right now is simply a file structure referenced by URL).

We use Learning Object standards for defining the structure of the 
Learning Object, this means that we have a manifest file (actually an 
IMS manifest) that replaces both the site.xml and tabs.xml file 
(actually we generate site.xml and tabs.xml from it when creating the 
web site). Within this manifest we can reference an external Learning 
Object. When the site is built the external object is pulled from the 
repository and included in the relevant point of the current learning 

What all this means is that you can have two completely independent 
sites and integrate them into a single site at build time (works 
dynamically too). Current status is alpha. Everything works but it is a 
little untidy and there are some nasty hacks that need sorting out. 
There are also some tweaks in Forrest itself to make it work. In a week 
or so we will be making a release of our project, then you can take a 
look at it and decide what parts should be going into Forrest.

Incidentally, it means you have a graphical tool for editing the site 
structure as there is an Open Source tool for editing IMS Manifests.


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