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From Thorsten Scherler <>
Subject Re: [RT] Skin names and skin cleaning
Date Wed, 09 Jun 2004 08:24:29 GMT
David Crossley wrote:

>>>Hello devs,
>Hello Thorsten (you too are a "dev")

That is my normal greeting for dev lists ;-)

...and yes I want to be (*and am*) active part of the Forrest project. 
Hopefully more active in the future ;-)! Feel free to put down my name 
to the committer list (

...I even have a wee speech on forrest on a cocoon/lenya meeting in 
Madrid. If somebody can come feel free to put your name on the list.

>> [...]
>We certainly would like to roll any suggestions back into
>the "main" skins. That would leave all user skins to gain
>those new capabilities, and then gradually develop more
>of their own, roll those back, and so on.

Ok, that is fine. In terms of similarities with the krysalis-site the 
*main* difference is that I used div's instead of tables! I think it 
much nicer that way to get controll over placing and style of the page 
due to the fact that I now only have to change the css.  This way the 
site can look totally different without any major trouble. Even the 
placing of the images can be alter easy without touching the xsl's. 
...that can be even handled by our web-designer ;-) without any 
explanation. ->SOC

One suggestion (right now more a RT) would be to create a kind of 
"forrestskinbot" that can help manipulating the appearance of a site. It 
is just a thought right now.
Main function would be to create (online - through a web app) a new skin 
for a site *without* touching *any code*! ...changing colours, placing 
logos, manipulate menu style, ... by filling out a form or manipulating 
a SVG.
The forrestskinbot would then create the skin, package it, uploaded it 
to the server of the page, [maybe publish it to the forrest-skins.xml 
(after review by a committer this could be published for everyone)] and 
finally create the forrest.skins.descriptors entry in the local

...afterwards that site could be even deployed and published on a server 
through the /normal/ forrestbot.

>It would be great if Lenya could host their own collection
>of skins. 

For now I will keep it in my apache space but after the lenya release I 
will place it in the cvs tree. That way we can enhance that ;-).

>Thorsten has been helping to test the "fetch-skin"
>capability recently. Does it suit your needs? 

That is awesome. I like the concept very much!

>We could still
>hold the main "lenya" skin at Forrest if it helps Lenya in
>some way (e.g. distribution).
No, I think we (the forrest devs ;-)) want to maintain as less skins as 
possible. ...and seeing the "power of the fetch" I reckon there is no 
need to hold it at Forrest. The only thing: it would be nice to add it 
to the skins.xml so we do not have to alter the forrest.skins.descriptors.

King regards

Thorsten Scherler

Departamento de Desarrollo de Proyectos
Sociedad Andaluza para el Desarrollo de la Sociedad de la InformaciĆ³n S.A.U.

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