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From Thorsten Scherler <>
Subject Re: [Skins] Donation of the "lenya-site" skin
Date Tue, 01 Jun 2004 07:56:08 GMT
Dave Brondsema wrote:

>Quoting "Scherler, Thorsten" <>:
>>[...] I can commit the "lenya-site" skin. It is not finished though 
>>but I am working on that.
>Since it is not finished and we are going to release 0.6 before too long, I
>think it would be best to wait.  

Yeah, I thought so ;-) and can perfectly understand that!

>But it does look very nice and we definitely
>would like to include it eventually.  

:) Thanks. The problem is the menu ATM :(. ...but I will have a closer 
look on I reckon I will find 
some "update to 0.6" issues ;-)


>A better option might be to package it and host it yourself and then we can add
>it to (the default skins

Jupp, lets do that then. I saw [1]. So to get it straight:
I created the lenya-site skin by cp the krysalis-site skin and added the 
lenya specific stuff there. So now my skin is in 

[1] states:

1 - forrest package-skin
The skin package will be made in the skin dir, next to the custom skin.

So I have to run "forrest package-skin" within src/core/context/skins/, 
That will create my in src/core/context/skins/, right?
After that I can upload it to our webserver as *.zip, right?

>so people can still download it and use it easily.

That is the aim to publish our skin. Right now I am the only one that 
can update the lenya-site and that cannot be. If other committer can 
easily install the skin without "touching forrest" I am happy :). ...and 
we all can keep our site up to date.

...I will have to look into forrestbot, because I would like to automate 
the process described at Forrestbot 
can assist us with that, right?

King regards

Thorsten Scherler

Departamento de Desarrollo de Proyectos
Sociedad Andaluza para el Desarrollo de la Sociedad de la InformaciĆ³n S.A.U.

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