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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: [RT] Skin names and skin cleaning
Date Wed, 09 Jun 2004 09:00:37 GMT
Thorsten Scherler wrote:
> One suggestion (right now more a RT) would be to create a kind of 
> "forrestskinbot" that can help manipulating the appearance of a site. It 
> is just a thought right now.
> Main function would be to create (online - through a web app) a new skin 
> for a site *without* touching *any code*! ...changing colours, placing 
> logos, manipulate menu style, ... by filling out a form or manipulating 
> a SVG.
> The forrestskinbot would then create the skin, package it, uploaded it 
> to the server of the page, [maybe publish it to the forrest-skins.xml 
> (after review by a committer this could be published for everyone)] and 
> finally create the forrest.skins.descriptors entry in the local 
> ...afterwards that site could be even deployed and published on a server 
> through the /normal/ forrestbot.

If you can find the time (or anyone else please) could you
add this idea (or even just a link to it) into Jira so that
we don't lose it.

> >It would be great if Lenya could host their own collection
> >of skins.
> For now I will keep it in my apache space but after the lenya release I 
> will place it in the cvs tree. That way we can enhance that ;-).
> >Thorsten has been helping to test the "fetch-skin"
> >capability recently. Does it suit your needs? 
> That is awesome. I like the concept very much!

Good. Your testing helped.

> >We could still
> >hold the main "lenya" skin at Forrest if it helps Lenya in
> >some way (e.g. distribution).
> No, I think we (the forrest devs ;-)) want to maintain as less skins as 
> possible. ...and seeing the "power of the fetch" I reckon there is no 
> need to hold it at Forrest. The only thing: it would be nice to add it 
> to the skins.xml so we do not have to alter the forrest.skins.descriptors.

Whenever you are ready, send the patch to skins.xml
or even add it yourself.


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