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From David Crossley <>
Subject request Apache Forrest TLP setup
Date Wed, 02 Jun 2004 11:40:54 GMT
Forrest has become a top-level project. We have tried
to outline everything that needs to be attended to.

[0] DNS/Unix groups, etc.
... you are the experts.

[1] Mailing Lists

(i) addresses

Move existing lists:
   forrest-dev@xml.a.o => dev@forrest.a.o
   forrest-user@xml.a.o => user@forrest.a.o
Create new lists:

The "cvs" postings are currently being directed to "dev".
We want them to go to the new "svn" list only.

All lists are subscriber-only postings and non-subscriber
postings are moderated.

The "pmc" list is to have subscriptions moderated.

The "svn" list is to have subscriptions moderated, as we
do not want to have other archivers like MARC to do it.
Or perhaps there is another way to achieve that, yet still
have our Eyebrowse archive it.

(ii) remote moderators for all lists

   crossley, stevenn

(iii) archives
Move from to

Eyebrowse: dev, user, svn

(iv) options
Same settings for all lists.

   I.   Reply-To: Header       [X] yes   [ ] no
   II.  Prefix in Subject      [ ] yes   [X] no
   III. Eyebrowse              as shown at (iii)
   IV.  Moderation Message     [X] short [ ] long
   V.   Message Trailer        [ ] yes   [X] no

[2] Source repositories

(ii) SVN
Already using SVN. Needs to be moved.
repos/asf/xml/forrest/ => repos/asf/forrest/

What do developers need to do at our end after this?

Also need a new repository for the website at:

[3] Initial committer list

Same as current:

Also add antonio to that list. He is from the "cocoon" group
and is now also on the Forrest PMC.

Forrest committers are already able to commit to xml-site
and xml-commons, and we want that to remain.

Cocoon committers are already able to commit to forrest
and we want that to remain.

[4] Issue Tracker

(iii) Jira

We already use Jira at
For now we will leave that in place and perhaps move
to Apache Jira later.

[5] Distributions

Create dist/forrest/
That is where we will put the next release.

Our current distribution is at dist/xml/forrest/
We suppose that will remain until after the
next release. Then we move this to

[6] Snapshots

Create snapshots/forrest/

Remove snapshots/xml-forrest/

Tweak the script that creates the snapshots.

[7] Wiki

We will make a separate request for that when we have
determined our requirements.

[8] Re-direction of

We presume that forrest committers can take care of that
ourself using a .htaccess file.


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