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From David Crossley <>
Subject RE: [Proposal] Forrest Signature in HTML source
Date Wed, 02 Jun 2004 03:12:53 GMT
Brian S. Hayes wrote:
> > I added the following tags:
> > <meta name="Forrest-version" content="SVN-Head (revision 20645)"/>
> > <meta name="Forrest-skin-name" content="Krysalis-site"/>
> > 
> > IMO the version-tag of Forrest is a story for its own. That should be
> > automatic where else the other tag do not have to be. I thing something
> > like <meta name="Forrest-version" content="{version}"/> would be great.
> > The {version}-parameter should be resolved by forrest so you won't have
> > to touch it if you use e.g. the SVN-Head. Dunno right now how to do it
> > but WDYT? Brian do you have any ideas on that?
> I'm not familiar enough with Forrest (or Coccon) to know how to get the SVN
> version.  I know that SVN has a number of keywords that can be substituted
> with appropriate values on file check out; but, in my very brief research, I
> did not see one that tells you the head revision number.  We should research
> this further before we look into alternative approaches (for packaged
> releases version numbers, build numbers, etc., can simply be put into
> appropriate files by hand or by script).

It should be able to be automated by our build system.
Can Ant run an operating system command and parse the result?
If so, then doing 'svn info' at the top-level will do it.

If not, then getting Ant to apply a stylesheet to
the top-level .svn/entries to extract the first <entry>
and getting the "revision" attribute.

> As far as what names we use, I am not sure that Forrest-version is good or
> not.  From a 1997 census (
> I see the following names that might be applicable: generator, formatter,
> build, and version.  If we want to reduce the chance of un-intended
> overwriting, by skin author's/hackers, of Forrest information, then
> prefixing some of the Forrest related meta data is a good idea (like
> "Forrest-version").

Perhaps ... <meta name="generator"
  content="Forrest-version: 0.6-dev: SVN trunk revision 20645"/>

The "trunk" and "revision" can be obtained via 'svn info'.
The "Forrest version" is an Ant build property, i think.

> Random thought: we might want to research the inclusion of some RDF such as
> the Dublin Core.

I thought that the aim was to have an infrastructure that
could add various information to the head of html and that
the "generator" meta tag was just one bit.

But hey, whatever you can come up with is good. It can be
enhanced later.


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