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From Thorsten Scherler <>
Subject Re: [DRAFT] request Apache Forrest TLP setup
Date Fri, 28 May 2004 10:30:10 GMT
Hi devs, hi David,

David Crossley wrote:

>I have started to prepare the request to infrastructure@a.o
>We need to make the job easy for them - they are volunteers too.
>Please add comments. I will compile the final request.

Thank you for doing that :). My comments:


>*) Do we want a separate "cvs" mailing list and archive?
>At the moment it automatically comes to "dev".
+1 I think that is a good idea to have.

>*) How should we deal with the old source repositories
>that are still available from
>and cvs pserver
>Should we add a big WARNING STATUS file in there?
If we have the history in SVN then
-1 I suggest to remove them so that *NO USER* can reach them.

if not, still
-1 we are using SVN and not anymore CVS, there is no need for having it! 
IMO it is a trap (I know what I am talking about because I saw it in the tree and tried to commit there when I started ;-))

>*) Do we want a Wiki?
Wiki is a great help in enhance the docu. It gives the user the 
possibility to become part of the project without any major barriers.

King regards

Thorsten Scherler

Departamento de Desarrollo de Proyectos
Sociedad Andaluza para el Desarrollo de la Sociedad de la InformaciĆ³n S.A.U.

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