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From Juan Jose Pablos <>
Subject Re: A tiny research on Schema support for xml editors
Date Fri, 14 May 2004 02:52:13 GMT
Brian S. Hayes escribió:
> Yes, the xs:any, xs:anyAttribute, xs:extension features could be put to good
> use.  Of course, the DTD support an ANY element. 
sure, like john ford: "You can paint it any color, so long as it's black"

You can have any element so long as it has been defined. :-)

when you apply the ANY element, there must be that element in the DTD. 
Say this:

  <standard-feature />
  <non-standard-feature />

Unless the <non-standard-feature/> has been added to the DTD, validation 
will fail.

So a way to avoid this is to have

  <feature name="standard" />
  <feature name="non-standard" />

So we do not longer check if a feature is standard or not, we only care 
that is a feature element.

My issue on this is that the skin code expect well defined features. I 
do not see the point in remove that validation. We could use name space, 
but the DTD support needs to be dropped:


  <standard-feature />
  <non:feature />


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