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From Dirk-Willem van Gulik <>
Subject Re: Quarterly Report
Date Mon, 10 May 2004 08:30:06 GMT

On May 10, 2004, at 7:16 AM, David Crossley wrote:

> Dave Brondsema wrote:
>> Do we want to mention our interest in graduating to a top-level 
>> project?
> I think that we do need to - but how to express it. We have
> not yet even told the XML PMC about it. Perhaps we just say
> "started discussing the possibilities".

Do not make too big a thing of it - becoming a top level project
requires a few things; it it is easy for the board to promote or
demote projects up and down depending on social
strength and track record.

It does change your community dynamics a bit:

->	As before you are to ensure that due process is followed,
	releases have the right number of +1's, that allegations
	of IP violations are responded to properly, etc.

	But now you have no backstopper while keeping your
	community in order; right now there is the XML PMC and if
	something goes awry which is not noted here - they
	will note it and hopefully gently steer you in the right
	direction before things spin out of control.

->	As a TLP you are expected to come to the board when
	you see an issue - and to be pro-active at all times. If
	something is amiss you'll find the board not as accomodating,
	as a PMC - it will generally 'pull the plug' until things are fixed.

->	You are now first-line responsible for ensuring that the Apache
	Software Foundation (the legal entity, not the social construct)
	has 'demonstrable oversight' at all times over that what goes
	out under its License as 'releases'. And you are the instrument
	for this. Note that this oversight is crucial - it is the thing we
	rely on to make sure that our License sticks and that allows
	us to act as a buffer or clearing house with the CLA's
	on one side and the License on the other.

->	You've got to keep a reliable roster of PMC members
	which are known at all time - and coordinate the
	del/add with board.

Have fun,


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