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Subject svn commit: rev 20582 - xml/forrest/trunk
Date Sat, 29 May 2004 07:19:35 GMT
Author: crossley
Date: Sat May 29 00:19:33 2004
New Revision: 20582

Add a link to Jira for the other "to do" tasks.

Modified: xml/forrest/trunk/status.xml
--- xml/forrest/trunk/status.xml	(original)
+++ xml/forrest/trunk/status.xml	Sat May 29 00:19:33 2004
@@ -1437,6 +1437,11 @@
     <actions priority="high">
+      <action context="all" dev="open">
+        <!-- Please leave this action at the top -->
+        Please see our Jira
+        <link href="site:bugs">issue tracker</link> for tasks to be done.
+      </action>
       <action context="code" dev="open">
         Rework the menu generation system to make it more flexible.  See thread
@@ -1494,8 +1499,11 @@
           Best short-term alternative seems to be using the XNI XInclude
           processor for pre-validation inclusion.
-        <action context="code" dev="open">
-          Docs.  A lot of the info on the website is outdated.  With metadata
+        <action context="docs" dev="open">
+          A lot of the info on the website is outdated.
+        </action>  
+        <action context="docs" dev="open">
+          Using metadata
           from site.xml, it would at least be possible to indicate how old the
           doc is, and perhaps indicate its relevance from a small controlled
@@ -1522,8 +1530,7 @@
         <action context="docs" dev="open">
-          Start a community doc where we list such
-          tools as forrestbar, config files for XMetaL, etc.
+          Start a community doc where we list tools such as "forrestbar".
         <action context="code" dev="open">
           Migrate to a decent schema language, primarily so that we can use

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