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Subject svn commit: rev 20572 - xml/forrest/trunk/src/documentation/content/xdocs
Date Sat, 29 May 2004 03:45:28 GMT
Author: crossley
Date: Fri May 28 20:45:27 2004
New Revision: 20572

Text tweaks, tidy up, refine some descriptions.

Modified: xml/forrest/trunk/src/documentation/content/xdocs/index.xml
--- xml/forrest/trunk/src/documentation/content/xdocs/index.xml	(original)
+++ xml/forrest/trunk/src/documentation/content/xdocs/index.xml	Fri May 28 20:45:27 2004
@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@
 <!DOCTYPE document PUBLIC "-//APACHE//DTD Documentation V1.2//EN" "document-v12.dtd">
-    <title>Welcome to Forrest</title> 
+    <title>Welcome to Apache Forrest</title> 
@@ -38,11 +38,11 @@
-        <li><strong>Step 1</strong>: Type <code>forrest seed</code>,
to populate
+        <li><strong>Step 1</strong>: Type <code>'forrest seed'</code>,
to populate
           the directory with template site structure and contents.</li>
         <li><strong>Step 2</strong>: Add content by editing docs in
           task-specific, presentation-neutral XML.</li>
-        <li><strong>Step 3</strong>: Type <code>forrest</code>
to generate a
+        <li><strong>Step 3</strong>: Type <code>'forrest'</code>
to generate a
           complete website from the XML. Various website styles (known as skins)
           are available, and custom skins can be developed.</li>
@@ -52,31 +52,39 @@
         Forrest's focus on low "startup cost" makes it ideal for rapid
         development of small sites, where time and budget constraints do not
-        allow time-wasting HTML experiments.  By <strong>separating content from
+        allow time-wasting HTML experiments. Of course, that same methodology
+        can be applied to large projects.
+        Your development team does not need Java experience or even XML skills,
+        to use Forrest. The framework lets you concentrate on content and design.
+      </p>
+      <p>
+        By <strong>separating content from
           presentation</strong>, providing <strong>content templates</strong>
-        and <strong>pre-written skins</strong>, Forrest is unequalled at letting
-        content producers get their message out fast.  This makes Forrest great
-        for <strong>project documentation</strong> (notably software projects),
-        <strong>intranets</strong> and <strong>home pages</strong>.
+        and <strong>pre-written skins</strong>, Forrest is unequalled at enabling
+        content producers to get their message out fast.  This separation of
+        concerns makes Forrest excellent
+        to publish <strong>project documentation</strong> (notably software projects),
+        <strong>intranets</strong>, and <strong>home pages</strong>,
+        and anything else you can think of.
-        Forrest is far from a quick &amp; dirty solution however.  Forrest is
-        built on one of the world's leading XML publishing frameworks, <link
+        Forrest is far from a quick and dirty solution however.  Forrest is
+        built on one of the world's leading XML application frameworks, <link
           href="ext:cocoon">Apache Cocoon</link>, which provides advanced
         users with extremely powerful publishing capabilities.
-        <li>Multiple task-specific XML formats can be used (<link
+        <li>Multiple task-specific source XML formats can be used (<link
             href="site:howto-samples/overview">howtos</link>, <link
             href="site:faq"><acronym title="Frequently Asked
           <link href="site:changes">changelogs</link> and <link
-            href="site:todo">todo lists</link> supported natively). This list
-          will soon expand to include Docbook and Wiki formats.</li>
-        <li>Multiple output formats supported, currently HTML and PDF (using
+            href="site:todo">todo lists</link> supported natively).
+          Source formats include: Apache xdocs, DocBook, and Wiki formats.</li>
+        <li>Multiple output formats supported, for example HTML and PDF (using
           <link href="ext:fop">Apache FOP</link>).
         <li>SVG to PNG rendering (using <link href="ext:batik">Apache
@@ -88,9 +96,11 @@
           Anything else possible with the <link
-            href="ext:cocoon/sitemap">Cocoon sitemap</link>.  Database
+            href="ext:cocoon/sitemap">Cocoon sitemap</link>.  Using database
           queries, <link href="ext:apache-stats">charting</link>, web services
           integration; the possibilities are constantly growing as Cocoon grows.
+          See the <link href="ext:cocoon/features">Cocoon Features</link> list
+          for the full suite of capabilities.
           Based on Java, Forrest is platform-independent, making for a
@@ -101,7 +111,7 @@
         <title>Static or Dynamic</title>
-          Uniquely amongst comparable documentation tools, Forrest generates
+          Unique amongst comparable documentation tools, Forrest generates
           sites that can run both <strong>interactively</strong> as a dynamic
           web application, or as statically rendered pages.
@@ -112,11 +122,11 @@
           to webapp mode.
-          Running as a webapp has another advantage: content can be written, and
+          Running as a webapp has a major advantage during development:
+          content can be written, and
           then the rendered output viewed almost instantly in a web browser.
-          This technique requires a bit <link
-            href="site:your-project/webapp">setting up</link>, but once working
-          it makes Forrest's edit/review cycle faster than command-line
+          This <link href="site:your-project/webapp">webapp technique</link>
+          enables Forrest's edit/review cycle to be faster than command-line
           transformation tools.
@@ -124,30 +134,29 @@
-      <p>Forrest was started in January 2002, with the intention being to
-        create a consistent <link
-          href=""></link> website, with a
+      <p>Forrest was started in January 2002, with the major use-case being to
+        create a consistent and efficient <link
+          href=""></link> group of project
+        websites with a
         uniform, lightweight, easy-to-navigate layout and structure.  In
         addition, Forrest was to be a Sourceforge-like project management
-        tool, complementing <link href="ext:gump">Jakarta Gump</link> (hence
+        tool, complementing <link href="ext:gump">Apache Gump</link> (hence
         the name 'Forrest').
-        Over time, the grander goals were shelved, and focus shifted to
-        making Forrest a generic documentation tool, rather than something
-        specific to
-      </p>
-      <warning>This historical focus can still be observed in a
-        number of this site's older pages.  These are being gradually
-        updated.</warning>
+        The focus shifted for Forrest to primarily be a generic documentation
+        tool capable of meeting many needs. Certain relevant project management
+        facilities are being added.
+      </p>
       <title>Project Status</title>
       <p>Forrest is currently progressing rapidly through a series of 0.x
-        releases.  Forrest is quite usable, and used in a number of <link
-          href="site:live-sites">live sites</link>, including <link
-          href=""></link>.
+        releases. It is certainly usable now (despite not yet being version 1.x).
+         See the growing list of 
+         <link href="site:live-sites">example sites</link> including
+         Many Apache sites.
         In general, prior to 1.0, ensuring quality of design will be considered
@@ -172,6 +181,10 @@
       <title>News and events</title>
+        <li>The Forrest project has evolved to become a "top-level" Apache
+         project. We are making good progress towards the 0.6 release
+         which has many efficiency and usability improvements.
+        </li>
         <li>Forrest 0.5 was released on 2003-09-13 - much faster, new flexible
          tab and menu system, numerous skin improvements, DocBook support,
          Wiki support, improved PDF output, eased maintenance of sitemaps,
@@ -184,6 +197,8 @@
         Forrest is fairly new, and is in need of developers.  If you know (or
         want to learn) XML, Ant, HTML or CSS, then you are qualified to help!
+      </p>
+      <p>
         As with all Apache projects, Forrest is a meritocracy; the more you
         put in, the more you get to define the project's future.  See the
         <link href="site:contrib">"contributing"</link> page for more

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