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Subject svn commit: rev 20277 - xml/forrest/trunk
Date Mon, 24 May 2004 02:50:41 GMT
Author: crossley
Date: Sun May 23 19:50:40 2004
New Revision: 20277

Tidy some of the "changes" entries. Minor text tweaks.

Modified: xml/forrest/trunk/status.xml
--- xml/forrest/trunk/status.xml	(original)
+++ xml/forrest/trunk/status.xml	Sun May 23 19:50:40 2004
@@ -61,10 +61,12 @@
         Remove Misleading Error message. Reported a cocoon bug #28939 
       <action dev="JJP" type="remove" context="core" >
-       revert the changes to access skinconf using "skinconf//" done on r10259
+       Revert the changes to access skinconf using "skinconf//" done on r10259
       <action dev="JJP" type="add" context="documentation" >
-       Information about the user list 
+       Information about the new 
+       <link href="site:mail-lists/forrest-user">forrest-user</link>
+       mail list 
       <action dev="JJP" type="update" context="core" >
         Jetty jar was mistakenly compiled for jdk 1.4
@@ -80,10 +82,10 @@
         Completely rewritten Lucene-based index and search functionality
       <action dev="JJP" type="fix" context="core" fixes-bug="FOR-139">
-        skinconf was ignore for the svg and fo formats.
+        skinconf was being ignored for the svg and fo formats.
       <action dev="JJP" type="fix" context="core" due-to="Nick Chalko" fixes-bug="FOR-136">
-        warning labeled "Note" in PDF
+        "Warning" was mistakenly labeled as "Note" in PDF
       <action dev="JJP" type="fix" context="core" fixes-bug="FOR-69">
         site2book.xsl handle all menu-item and menu attributes
@@ -124,13 +126,13 @@
         Docbook support for refentry element and it's children.  Generally used for man pages.
       <action dev="JJP" type="add" context="core" >
-        Do not create TOC unless it has been define on the skinconf.
+        Do not create TOC unless it has been defined on the skinconf.
         Change level attribute to max-depth attribute.
         Add a min-sections attribute to define a minimun number of sections 
         before create a toc.
       <action dev="JJP" type="add" context="core" >
-        Add Language alternativates div. To test it:
+        Add Language alternatives div. To test it:
       <action dev="JJP" type="add" context="core" 
@@ -162,7 +164,7 @@
       <action dev="JJP" type="fix" context="skins">
         Allow a full url image to be included on a pdf file.
-        Use only tmp as the temporal directory.
+        Use only tmp as the temporary directory.
       <action dev="JJP" type="fix" context="skins">
         Split build file in various parts (webapp,war,validate,site)
@@ -183,7 +185,7 @@
         New 'clean-dist' target for build.xml, which is now the default target.
       <action dev="JJP" type="fix" context="core">
-        Wrong directory wiki gramars
+        Wrong directory being used for wiki grammars
       <action dev="JJP" type="update" context="core">
         Upgrade to Jing 20030619

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